Our services include:

  • preliminary consultation with the client, design concept of the staging photo shoots, discussing the place of a photo shoot, the discussion of images with a stylist.
  • the work of photographer and makeup artist.
  • post-processing of all pictures:
    • color correction and cropping, preparation for printing in the darkroom;
    • providing links to view and select photos for authoring process;
    • the original author's photo processing;
    • recording all the photos on DVD-ROM.
    • material storage for 6 months

Possibility to order:

  • a slide show of photos of the author accompanied by music;
  • site of the second level with your photos;
  • the creation of photo books.

Cost of services:

  • 120 Evro - 2 hours (20 photos in the author's treatment.)
  • payment on the day of shooting at the end of work.
  • term processing photos from 2 weeks with a minimum order.
  • for expedited processing within 1 week + 50% of order value.
  • photo processing over 20 pieces with a minimum order - 10 Evro for a photo.

Your consent to the recording and consent means that the individual works with surveys can be used to our portfolio on various resources (except for the shooting of "nude").

Confidential survey + 50% of order value.

Your consent to the recording means you familiar with the work presented in the portfolio and the style of shooting and agreed to survey and subsequent photo retouching done in this style.

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