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    Tuesday | 20 November 2012

    Business photography


    What do you think, looking at pictures of business people in the media?

    Perceived a successful businessman, dressed in old jeans and not too clean sweater, unshaven and not too neatly combed?

    Of course, in life it can be a brilliant leader, survey was carried out just after his active participation in the life of the enterprise. But the reputation of the portrait will affect not the best way. Therefore it is better to follow the classical canons of the business is a classic photo and ideas on how should look like a business man. No wonder the major companies still keep to a strict dress code.

    Creating a photo portrait business - it's not an easy (as well as any other serious shooting). The main thing to remember is that - is that the main challenge will be to underscore business, professional quality of the model, not personal and other others.

    Simply put, the director should look serious and respectable business, entrepreneurial, and not romantic and not a fan of rock, for example, and no matter what it is in life. Plays an important role and setting. Optimal background for business portrait will be accurate, but obviously workbench (you can use a corporate symbols - mugs, pens and diplomas on the walls, which are of such photographs clearly visible) or department (under the condition that he also does not look anyhow) - such places to shoot immediately emphasize business interests, show employee in a positive light. Naturally, at the office workers should be business suits, neat hair, clean face and a clean shoes, or proprietary form of enterprise. Women are allowed to strict jewelry - earrings, rings, necklaces with pendants. By working the same requirements - a proprietary form of enterprise. To appearance in the business recording a very high demands, simply because the portraits are visible even small details, and in this approach even the little things are evident.

    If you start thinking seriously raising survey, the it must take part stylist. Without it does not do no business photoshoot. After all, these photos are published in the open resources - online and in newspapers, can be shown on television, and thus form the shape of the enterprise, the opinions of others about him. Often the photos are used in promotional materials, booklets with stories about the company.

    By the way, the ideal solution would be first staged photography, and behind it - reportage. Pictures with conferences, jobs, and other formal and informal events with the main party and the working group. Usually they receive emotional (professional photographers are able to capture the right attitude, the right look, the right gesture, which will give the right emotions) and are widely used in future publications. You can also order a photography business premises (such pictures are also used in press), and then get a photo report on the company - leadership, teams and workplaces. With this archive will be easy to make a review of the company, which is useful in making presentations about the tasks of the company, its advantages and benefits that will ensure the future of new acquaintances and partnerships.

    Any photography business requires a full commitment to the model and photographer. And if shooting a corporate symbol, as mentioned above, you get extra advertising.

    Monday | 5 November 2012

    Pictures with Lensbaby

    Lens Lensbaby.

    The invention belongs to the Craig Strong, a professional American photographer from Portland (Oregon). He decided to implement a modern SLR cameras, features vintage propeller-type camera Holga, which allows you to control the movement of the zone blur frame using a special system of displacement of the optical axis.

    A distinctive feature of these lenses is the ability to move the zone of sharpness of the image plane by moving the optical axis, which is achieved thanks to the flexible design of the hull.Lensbaby lens and your camera, to which it is installed, represent a simplified working model of large-format camera with bellows gimbal mechanism and the shift and rotation of the lens.The effect of such lenses is the ability to limit to reduce the depth of field, leaving the "in focus" only compositional focus.
    The official website of Lensbaby lenses is a detailed description of all models, optical attachments, and accessories. Also, the gallery of photos, which can be seen in the example of the effects of interest depending on the optical tools and accessories.Using Lensbaby allows you to dream and create an unusual picture.


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